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Ziegeleistr. 2-6
D-69256 Mauer/Heidelberg

Represented by:

Mr. Joachim Singer
Mr Jürgen Singer


Telefon: +49 (0) 6226 92160

Telefax: +49 (0) 6226 921666

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Copyright of used images:

Topbanner: © Matthias Gschwendner/www.fotolia.com, © Dmitry Ersler/www.fotolia.com & © Valua Vitalyl/www.fotolia.com

Singer-Procedure: © digital-fineart/www.fotolia.com, © Paylessimages/www.fotolia.com, © eyeami/www.fotolia.com

Reclining woman with Calla: © www.fotolia.com
Face of the woman in the composing with NEOWHITE products: © Konstantin Yuganow/www.fotolia.com
Rape flowers: © Teamarbeit/www.fotolia.com
Blossoming tree: © MEV/www.mev.de
Ginkgo: © Lianem/www.fotolia.com
Buckweed: © Elena Schweitzer/www.fotolia.com
Okra pods: © www.fotolia.com
Camomile: © www.fotolia.com
Grapes: © www.fotolia.com
Aloe Vera: ©© www.fotolia.com
Wheat: © Ewa Brozek/www.fotolia.com
Passion Flower: © farbkombinat/www.fotolia.com
Chestnuts: © Andrea Wilhelm/www.fotolia.com
Apricots: © volff/www.fotolia.com
Oranges: © www.fotolia.com
Primeroses: © petrabarz/www.fotolia.com
Cinnamon: © www.fotolia.com
Olives: © www.fotolia.com
Liquorice root: © Marco Maier/www.fotolia.com
Mint: © www.fotolia.com
Pomegranate: © volff/www.fotolia.com
Forest: © MEV/www.mev.de
Microscope: mario beauregard/www.fotolia.com
Head massage: Yuri Arcurs/www.fotolia.com

Pharaoh: © morgan mansour/www.istockphoto.com
Pyramids: © chen meng/www.fotolia.com

Portrait J.Singer: © www.thommy-mardo.de

All other used images and illustrations: © Singer-Kosmetik GmbH  or © Neovita Cosmetics

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