The SINGER process

In classical cosmetics production, it is common to preserve with chemical substances that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth. When applied to the skin, however, these substances have a negative effect on our skin flora and the skin's natural protective layer. NEOVITA focuses on a holistic, health-conscious concept and therefore developed a process in 1989 that enables preservation without any preservatives. This is the patented SINGER process, which caused a sensation worldwide. The SINGER process is a physical method of preservation and has been scientifically tested and its effectiveness confirmed at the University of Heidelberg.
In its basic idea, the SINGER process resembles a phenomenon of nature. In the earth, rainwater is enriched with carbonic acid under high pressure and is thus almost germ-free. The prerequisite for the SINGER process is the use of the traditional mousse dispenser. After the products have been filled into the sterilely sealed mousse dispenser, an absolutely airtight valve ensures that no impurities can enter from the outside. Natural carbonic acid creates high pressure in the mousse dispenser for a short time. This makes the products sterile and keeps them for a long time. The high-quality cosmetic products can thus be physically preserved without preservative chemical additives and packaged in a health-conscious way. For healthy skin.

  1. Careful selection of innovative active ingredient systems
  2. Gentle further processing into effective mousse products
  3. Filling in sterile sealed mousse container. An absolutely tight valve prevents any contamination of the sensitive contents from the outside
  4. The scientifically verified SINGER process and natural carbon dioxide ensure sterile packaged mousse products
  5. A mousse product is used that is absolutely free of any preservatives