The NEOVITA skin care ritual

Healthy, naturally beautiful skin has always been our highest aspiration and the principle by which we work at NEOVITA. However, healthy, beautiful skin requires not only the right products, but also your own willingness to invest time and care in individual skin care. All NEOVITA products are ideally coordinated with each other and thus ensure optimal care results. Celebrating your own skin care ritual gives your skin the continuous care it deserves and gives you a daily pampering moment at home as a perfect complement to the professional treatment in the institute.


In 4 steps to healthy, beautifil skin

Step 1: Cleansing
Gentle and thorough cleansing of the skin in the morning and evening is the first important step in any care ritual. The skin is freed from environmental deposits, sebum, sweat and make-up and thus forms the basis for the further care steps and the effectiveness of the products. Only when the skin is free and receptive can the active ingredients be properly absorbed and transported to their intended site of action in the skin. When cleansing, the interaction of the products should also be optimally matched to the skin type.


Step 2: Toning
The second step in the NEOVITA care ritual is toning the skin. Residues that were not completely removed by cleansing with water as well as traces of lime, salt and chlorine from the water itself are neutralised. At the same time, the modern toners and lotions from NEOVITA already have a nourishing effect, provide the skin with plenty of moisture, soothe and clarify it. This makes them the optimal precursors for all subsequent care products. Here too, NEOVITA offers the perfect care partners tailored to your personal skin needs.


Step 3: Nourishing the deep layers of the skin
The sustained care of the skin in the deep layers of the epidermis boosts all cell functions, provides suppleness, resistance, elasticity and a youthful appearance. The third step of the NEOVITA care ritual is about deeply moisturising the skin and providing targeted support for individual skin needs. Our serums are the specialists for this task. Individually tailored to your needs, they work very specifically in the deeper layers of the skin and help to compensate for skin care deficits in the long term and effectively support your personal skin needs.


Step 4: Regeneration & Protection
The fourth step of the NEOVITA care ritual is to intensively support the skin in its regenerative capacity and protective shield function against all external influences. We first pay full attention to the delicate skin around the eyes. "The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Because our innermost thoughts and feelings are often immediately visible here. Therefore, we should take a moment every day to pamper this very special skin area with intensive care. This is of course followed by the final skin care for the face, neck and décolleté. The NEOVITA product range gives you your personal care partners, adapted to the season, life circumstances and individual skin needs.

Worth knowing:
The special composition of NEOVITA products according to the Salutogenic Beauty Principle without any preservatives in the silky-soft mousse is unique in the cosmetic world. In order to be able to unfold the optimal effectiveness, the NEOVITA product range contains all the ingredients for a complete care ritual that can be individually adapted to your own skin needs. It is therefore recommended not to combine NEOVITA care products with other brand products. Only then can the goal of healthy, naturally beautiful skin be achieved and maintained in the long term.