Cell Vitality³ Recover @ Night

The composition of the active ingredient system Cell Vitality³ with a patented ceramide compound and globally regenerating vitamin B3 in Cell Vitality³ Recover @ Night promotes the repair of cell damage caused by "digital aging" and oxidative stress, animates microcirculation and supports the skin's own self-healing powers during the sleep phase. The warm scent of orange, lavender and sandalwood soothingly calms the senses.

Apply in the evening or before the rest phase in your personal daily routine, ideally right before sleep. Take an almond-sized ball of Cell Vitality³ Recover @ Night mousse, apply to cleansed, toned skin and gently massage in. While doing so, consciously notice the soothing fragrance.

Tip: To enhance the effect, apply Pharaoh's Pommegranate Serum to cleansed, toned skin beforehand. Regular use of Cell Vitality³ Recover @ Night supports a healthy bio-rhythm and strengthens the skin's ability to regenerate during sleep.

Active main ingredients:
Cell Vitality³ active ingredient system, ceramides 3 + highly efficient SLP encapsulation, vitamin B3, soybean oil, grape seed oil, shea butter.

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