Pure Natural Care

NEOVITA Pure Natural Care is a skin care line for sensitive and delicate skin. All products of this cosmetic line are completely free of any preservatives, colourants and fragrances. They do not contain paraffin and etho-oxylated meterials (PEG-compunds).

Pure Natural Care is based on renewable plant ingredients and does not contain animal ingredients. The products are manufactured in a gentle way without excessive heating of the ingredients. Natural full herbal extracts are provided for sustainable and long lasting skin care. Pure Natural Care encourages the skin’s own regeneration processes, strengthens the protection barriers and protects the skin from damaging influences.

PNC-Produkte-grossCleansing Foam
Particularly delicate, creamy and easily spreadable foam for very gentle, complete cleaning. It nourishes the skin and moisturizes in the cleaning stage.

Soft Peeling
This gentle peeling foam with microscopically fine, completely spherical peeling grains removes in the most mild way dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth and delicate.

Soothing Lotion
The soothing skin tonic is the conclusion of the perfect cleaning cycle. Soothing Lotion is a tonic without alcohol and suitable for all skin types. Its effect is calming, balancing, smoothing, refreshing and swelling is reduced. It also can be used as a relaxing eye compress. For this use take a cotton pad and drench it with Soothing Lotion, and place it on the eye area for 10 to 15 min.

Natural Day Care
Moisturizing, quickly absorbing 24h care. It strengthens the skin with a delicate pre-aging effect. It is also suitable for the care of delicate children’s skin.

Natural Night Care
Extremely rich and highly nourishing night cream. It is recommended for particularly dry and atrophic skin also as a 24h care regime.

Soothing Eye Care
The delicate, easily spread gel foam minimizes visible under-eye rings and swelling and makes the skin seem smoother and brighter.

Balancing Effect Serum
This serum is an intensive concentrate with a particularly rich ingredient cocktail for intensive nourishing of the skin. The innovative, quickly dissolving hydro gel mousse allows the skin to absorb the ingredients optimally. This product has been granted with the BEAUTY FORUM Readers’ Choice award.

Extra Moisturizing Mask
Masks serve for additional intensive facial care. The combination of ingredients allows the intensive serums applied under the mask to be optimally assimilated by the skin. An highly effective moisturizing complex in combination with natural Aloe Vera seals in the moisture intensely.

Couperose Lotion
Pleasant moisturizing mousse for 24 hour skin care against red-dened skin due to Couperose. NEOVITA Couperose Lotion is also free of fragrances in order to provide a solution for extreme sensitive skin. The innovative active ingredient system „Anti-Couperose“ combines extremely effective plant extracts with the protective Vitamins A and E and with high grade Argan Oil. The natural active ingredient system has skin calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Extracts of Box Holly, Horse-Chestnut, Tiger Grass and Red Grape Leaf are known for their efficacy against inflammatory skin. Vitamins A and E help to fight against free radicals.

Couperose Intensive Care
Couperose Intensive Care without perfume is a rich and highly moisturizing 24h intensive skin care product, suited for sensitive, reddened and dry skin. This intensive skin care has a protecting and toning effect to the blood vessels and strengthens the capillary walls. To increase the effect, apply the anti-couperose Serum CR to the skin first.

Couperose Serum
Couperose Serum without perfume is an intensive serum that offers immediate help for skin inclined to redness. It has a supportive effect against Rosacea and Couperose. Especially suitable for sensitive skin. The highly effective combination of extracts of Ruscus (butcher’s broom), Horse-Chestnut, centella asiatica (pennywort), red vine leaves, Ivy and Buckwheat have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect and has lasting positive effects to the capillary-system of the skin.

Anti-Aging Day Care
Extraordinary 24h care comes from the highest-quality natural anti-aging ingredients. With the exclusive DERMATRIX complex against the three most common signs of skin aging. The anti-aging effect is strengthened by natural moisture-retaining factors, phytosterols, Vitamins E and A, finest Grapeseed oil, and Shea Butter. A preventative care effect and visible skin smoothing develops in a gentle way for a glowing beautiful appearance.

Anti-Aging Night Care
Especially rich anti-aging night care as well as 24h care for very dry skin. Composed of the highest-quality natural anti-aging ingredients. With the exclusive DERMATRIX complex against the three most common signs of skin aging. A preventative care effect and visible skin smoothing develops in a gentle way for a glowing beautiful appearance. A vegetable booster strengthens the repair effect of Vitamins E and A.

Anti-Aging Eye Care
Intensive-acting anti-aging eye care. The section of skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive. Lifting Eye Care acts against swelling, is moisturizing, and smoothes intensively. The synergistically-acting system from DERMATRIX works especially well in this tender region of the skin. Anti-Aging Eye Care fights visibly against dryness, collagen loss, and harmful influences from free radicals and provides lasting smoothness. The gel mousse absorbs into the skin immediately.