NEOVITA Haircare - Healthconscious Haircare

NEOVITA professional haircare is a health-conscious hair care series created with 50 years of experience in the development of salon hair care for hairdressers. The series consistently follows the NEOVITA philosophy of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept.

  • Pure hair care, free of burdening ingredients                                                          
  • Combination of natural ingredients with innovative active ingredient systems      
  • Absolutely free of any preservatives                                                                                         
  • Free of PEG emulsifiers                                                                                                                
  • Free of sulphated surfactants                                                                                                     
  • Free of silicones                                                                                                                            
  • Free of colors                                                                                                                                 
  • Use of especially mild ingredients

The unique Mousse Carrier System ensures that the products are easily spread into the hair, enabling them to rapidly unfold their caring effects.

The innovative active ingredient system of NEOVITA haircare products combines especially caring cation-active substances with nature’s secrets from Argan Oil and Mongongo Oil.


NEOVITA Hair Detangler-Smoothing Shampoo
Especially mild, naturally derived wash active surfactants provide for intensive but still gentle cleansing of the hair. Because NEOVITA consistently does without sulfates, silicones and preservatives, the hair is not weighed down.

Rich Argan Oil and Mongongo Oil protect the hair right from the start during cleansing, leaving it feeling silky and soft. The hair can be easily combed wet or damp. The innovative active ingredient system provides for shine and suppleness after every hair wash.

NEOVITA Cuticle Save – Leave-in Conditioner
The hair product makes hair care and hair protection easy. Take desired amount of mousse, spread into hair and let it be absorbed (can be applied to dry or towel-dry hair). The highly dosed ingredient system wraps each single hair like a protective coat and keeps the hair from drying out. The unique ingredient profile of Mongongo Oil also protects against aggressive UV rays.


NEOVITA Itch Relief – Hair Tonic
The Hair Tonic leaves an immediate feeling of well-being of the scalp. The unique combination was developed to help against unpleasant itching of the scalp and annoying dandruff flakes. Extracts from the bark of Ziziphus Joazeiro was already used in the traditional Brazilian medicine against dandruff. Scientific studies show the effectiveness of the natural plant-extract and the especially good compatibility of the active ingredient. Therefore it is highly recommended for daily use.

Balloon-Vine extract has soothing effects on the scalp. It protects and regenerates the damaged skin barrier and has calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Recommended for daily use. Apply the Hair Tonic to the scalp and gently massage in.