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Special Skin-Care Solutions

Special skin-care solutions of NEOVITA provide effective skin-care solutions which are optimized for specific skin-care requirements. Special products can be combined with all other productlines of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals and accomplish the product range of NEOVITA with their unique characteristic effects.



Power Moisturizer
The gentle Gel-Mousse provides intensive moisture and relaxes the skin upon application. The highly yielding moisture-plus formula provides long-lasting freshness. Does not leave an oily film.


Perfect Lipcare De Luxe
Exclusive Echium Oil calms and soothes chapped, sensitive lips. High-grade Shea Butter pampers and cares for the lips, leaving them soft, smooth and supple. The unique combination of Beeswax, Candelilla Wax and Carnauba Wax provides for pleasant application properties. Natural vanillin gives the lip care stick a delicate scent and provides for a pleasant application experience. Perfect Lipcare De Luxe is also ideal as After-Sun-care for sun-stressed lips.


Winter Face Protection
Gives the skin intensive protection against cold, harsh winter air. Winter Face Protection contains rich lipids and protects the skin against moisture loss. The rich care strengthens the protective function of the skin and increases its resistance in the cold winter season. Nourishes and smoothes, and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft.


AHA Exfoliating Mousse
Especially mild peeling mousse with fruit acid and with the patented Time-Release-Technology against wrinkles and pigment spots for regular daily use. NEOVITA AHA Exfoliating Mousse is a gentle intensive peeling against wrinkles and pigment spots for regular daily use. Furthermore, it is optimally suited to clear skin from deep-within and regulates excessive sebaceous production. The Time-Release-Technology ensures that the fruit acid is slowly supplied to the skin which avoids skin irritations. The skin compatibility has been proven in clinical studies even for sensitive skin. This highly concentrated special product promotes collagen synthesis and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Deposits in the skin are removed.


AHA Facial Refiner
Highly-concentrated special product containing Lactic Acid, capable of dissolving horned skin layers, stimulating skin renewal and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Deposits in the skin are reduced. NEOVITA AHA Facial Refiner is the ideal product to dissolve horned skin particles, reduce wrinkles and the first signs of aging. It leaves the skin looking younger and refreshed. The complexion is vitalized, cell renewal is stimulated, and pigmentation disorders are reduced.

The particularly mild care formula is complemented by a combination of the luxurious Passion Flower Oil with high-level Jojoba Oil. The results are beautifully glowing, smooth and supple skin. NEOVITA AHA Facial Refiner is, due to its mild, patented Time-Release Technology, especially gentle to the skin and ideally suited for sensible skin types.


Skin Nourishing Oil
Especially rich skin-care oil to support the natural skin functions. NEOVITA Skin Nourishing Oil contains a unique combination of natural vegetable oils that provide long-lasting skin care and strengthen the skin barrier.


Instant Wrinkle Corrector
NEOVITA presents the innovative, natural active-ingredient system Physico Anti-Wrinkle, on the basis of micro algae, Hyaluronic Acid and the NEOVITA Natural Cellular Vitality Complex. In clinical tests, the application of the ingredient system showed a rapid and noticeable reduction of practically all wrinkle-types. The micro relief of the skin is smoothed within one hour after application. The NEOVITA Natural Cellular Vitality Complex supplies the skin cells with energy and makes a reduction of wrinkles from within possible. The skin appears strengthened, smoother and well-cared for.


Cell Vitality Booster
The NEOVITA Cell Vitality Booster contains cell energizing ingredients as well as moisturizers such as the Natural Cellular Vitality Komplex to encourage skin’s metabolism and Hyaluronic Acid to reduce wrinkles. Spray the fine mist directly on the skin to activate your cells and regularize your skin functions. It will make your skin feel fresh, support the skin’s moisture balance and reduce wrinkles from within. Your skin appears strengthened, smoother and radiant.

Furthermore, the Cell Vitality Booster is the ideal option to fix your makeup. This combination makes the Cell Vitality Booster the perfect companion for dehydrated skin in the summer.


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