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NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals are the alternative for healthy skin and combine the power of plants with innovative high-class ingredients systems for highly effective treatment results. All products are uniquely packaged absolutely sterile and guaranteed absolutely free of preservatives through the unique SINGER-PROCESS.



Rebalancing Salt Scrub de Luxe
The especially soft and moisturizing body peeling makes the skin feel silky and soft. It removes impurities and scaly cells and soothes the epidermis. Especially rich natural oils with the finest salts from the Dead Sea provide ultimate care and minerals to the skin during use. This product supplies even dry, scaly skin a wonderfully smooth and soft feeling.


Energizing Shower Mousse
The refreshing and particularly mild shower mousse offers gentle cleansing of the skin. High-quality extracts from the exclusive Lotus Blossoms and luxurious White Tea in combination with Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturize and invigorate the skin. The gentle mousse is very easy to spread and indulges the skin.


Energizing Body Freshener
Indulge yourself in pure refreshment while your body is refreshed and cared for. The high-quality Lotus Extract in combination with Pomegranate and Aloe Vera provide the skin with intensive treatment and protection. Feel the soft and long-lasting freshness.


Moisture Expert Body Mousse
Rich body care consisting of exquisite, natural plant lipids from Grapeseed Oil, Passion Flower Oil and the unique Argan Oil are combined in this body-mousse. Even dry skin is moisturized intensively with a long-lasting effect. The high-quality extracts from White Tea protect the skin from free radicals.


Anti-Aging Expert Body Mousse
Discover the secret to seductively beautiful, smooth skin. The especially rich Anti-Aging Expert Body Mousse uses the synergy of high-quality plant extracts and the newest scientific research. The skin is regenerated and firmed and at the same time receives new elasticity. The finest extracts from Lotus Blossoms add intensive moisture and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. From the moment you use the product, your entire body is caressed by the rich Body Mousse leaving skin soft and smooth. Anti-Aging Expert Body Mousse is ideal for skin over-30.


Cellulite Expert Body Mousse
This unusual Body Mousse contains the innovative NEOVITA active ingredient system Cellulite Expert. The soft mousse spreads easily, ingredients are quickly absorbed.

The effect can be intensified by using the Anti-Cellulite Body-Roller Massage to firm up the skin. Orange-skin and small rolls are no longer frightening, the silhouette becomes attractive fresh and vitalized. Experience and feel the unique results of this exquisite treatment. Cellulite Expert Body Mousse is ideal for all skin types.


Stretch Mark Expert Body Serum
The particularly easy to use mousse serum with the unique Stretch Mark Expert active ingredient system reduces stretch marks and prevents their development. The skin becomes firmer and receives a new elasticity as well as a smooth, satin appearance. Stretch Mark Expert Serum is ideal for stretch mark prevention during the body’s growing phase (puberty) as well as in periods of weight change and pregnancy. It is particularly effective when it is used regularly, ideally before the development of reddish stretch marks. It should be applied daily to the affected body areas and softly worked in.


Extra Firming Bust Serum
NEOVITA Extra Firming Bust Serum is a special product for a lovely bust. It moisturizes intensively and contains the exclusive Extra Firming Bust active ingredient system that, with regular application, leads to more attractive bust contours. Skin firmness is increased and loss of firmness prevented. The refreshing, easy to spread gel-mousse is applied easily. It should be used once a day from the lower edge of the breast upwards over the entire bust area. Experience how the bust becomes firmer and smoother. Regular use intensifies the positive effect.


Lotus Premium Hand Mousse
The soft mousse of this product embraces your hands like an invisible glove. Feel how the soft and rich mousse intensively moisturizes your hands and treats them with its rich ingredients. It treats the skin with a highly effective complex of plant ingredients, is absorbed quickly and does not leave an oily film. Rich Jojoba Oil in combination with Passion Flower Oil and the moisturizing Lotus Extract gives the skin all it needs to regenerate. Pro-vitamin B5 treats the cuticles, strengthens the nails and offers long-lasting protection. Indulge your hands daily with this luxurious hand care. It is also ideal as an intensive overnight hand mask.


Deo Spray Sensitive Skin
NEOVITA Deo Spray Sensitive Skin without pore-narrowing aluminium compounds. This pH-neutral deodorant supports the natural skin functions without preventing transpiration and at the same time, prevents the development of odors. NEOVITA deodorant prevents the bacterial decomposition of fresh sweat, not letting odors arise. The spray contains a citric-acid compound, also found in small amounts in Wine. The growth of odor-causing micro-organisms is prevented gently, but effectively. A Zink-Castor compound locks-in odor causing compounds also preventing an unpleasant smell of perspiration.


Relaxing Foot Bath de Luxe
Intensive callus softening foot bath with a high percentage of high-quality plant oils. Salt from the Dead Sea, Menthol and natural Eucalyptus Oil have a relaxing effect and insure a feeling of well-being.


Luxury Foot Relax Mousse
The exclusive indulging treatment for your feet. High-quality plant ingredients combined with exclusive Lotus Blossom extract and rich moisturizers regenerate your feet with each use. Even heavily stressed feet become smooth and tender once again.


Energizing Foot Freshener
The pleasant foot spray reduces burning of soles and excessive sweat. It freshens, deodorizes and prevents athlete’s foot while it increases general foot comfort. The intensive freshness of this spray invigorates all senses at once.


Relaxing Leg Vitalizer
Wellness for stressed feet and calves. In particular standing for long periods of time is very stressful and fatiguing. Relaxing Leg Vitalizer is the direct treatment for immediate relaxation and invigoration of the tired body.



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