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Sebo-Balancing Care

Sebo-Balancing Care is an innovative skin-care product without strong disinfectant ingredients for effective treatment of impure skin (both adolescent as well as late-onset impurities). It strengthens and normalizes the natural skin functions.

The NEOVITA active ingredient system SEBO-REGULATIVE is effective in five different ways. It regulates excessive sebaceous production, reduces the propioni bacteria, which are responsible for some acne, and normalizes the skin flora. It prevents the development of free fatty acids that can lead to skin irritation and prevents the destruction of elastin and collagen as well as the infectious reaction that often comes from this. SEBO-REGULATIVE effectively combats free radicals. With regular use, effective skin improvement is visible and can be felt.



Purifying Mousse
Mild cleaning mousse, excellent for the cleansing of combination skin. The skin glows beautifully and is optimally prepared for the care products that follow.


Clarifying Tonic
The astringent and calming face water has a light disinfectant effect by means of natural alcohol. Organic plant extracts from Lavender, Yarrow and Comfrey help clarify the skin, strengthen and build up the skin tonus. Free from artificial perfumes.


24h Sebo-Balance Fluid
Non oily, water based, gel mousse that makes the skin more matte. When used regularly it calms impure skin and creates a matte complexion.


Skin Purifying Liposomes
Regular use visibly improves skin impurities and blemishes. A non-oily gel mousse, that, when used under skin-care products, is absorbed particularly quickly by the skin, without a disinfecting activity that can harm the skin. Combines natural whey proteins, which have been traditionally used to combat skin imperfections, with the SEBO REGULATIVE complex for effective treatment.


Anti-Blemish Roll-on
Dependable, quickly effective pimple swab that dries blemishes out.


Young Skin - normal skin
24h-care, with regenerating skin-care properties. Ideally suitable for very young and delicate skin. It is quickly absorbed and does not create a greasy film on the skin. Developes it’s nourishing effects in a gentle way for a beautiful radiant look.


Young Skin - dry skin
24h-care, with regenerating skin-care properties. Strengthens the skin barriers and normalizes dry skin. The delicate foam is quickly absorbed and does not leave the hands feeling greasy. Also ideally suitable for oily skin and combination skin.


Young Impure Skin
Young Impure Skin is based on a synergistic acting combination of high grade natural Babassu Oil and the NEOVITA Active Ingredient System Sebo Regulative, highly effective against the five main causes of impure skin. Clinical studies show that excessive sebaceous production and Propioni Acnes bacteria are finely balanced, skin irritations caused by free fatty acids and the destruction of elastin and collagen are prevented. Free radicals are dealt with efficiently. The active ingredient system containing natural Ceylon Cinnamon Tree extracts helps to achieve a clearer, non oily complexion free of impurities. The effect is based on a synergism of lipoproteins and extracts from the bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon Tree. A light astringent effect is achieved and skin cells are stimulated. The high content of natural minerals supports and regulates the natural skin functions.


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