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Natural Vitamin Wellness

Natural Vitamin Wellness is a small series of effective products with intensive action against Free Radicals. Faint, pale skin is visibly strengthened and appears fresher and recovered.



Vitamin Liposomes
Rich and high-quality foam-action mousse composed of liposomes for a lasting, intensive care effect on the skin. The high-grade 24h care gives a noticeably relaxed skin appearance and provides smooth, nurtured skin. Natural polyphenols from high-quality White Tea act as natural anti-stress factors against Free Radicals, which are responsible for the aging of the skin. Ginkgo extracts strengthen the effect. Enlivens and leaves skin rosy and delicate. Also ideal for use after high sun exposure.


Vitamin Intensive Care
This especially rich intensive care treats the skin optimally overnight and is also suitable for dry skin as 24h care. The regeneration of the skin is lastingly supported, the structure visibly improved. During the day the skin is primarily involved with defense against aggressive destructive factors from the environment, at night with regeneration and renewal. Precisely during this regeneration phase, the active ingredients can work especially well.


Vitamin Power Mask
Very intensive moisturizing gel mask with refreshing effect due to the highly dosed vitamin cocktail. The dose of Hyaluronic Acid provides for its extra moisturizing effects.


Vitamin Active Serum
The ideal cure concentrate for strained and stressed skin. Vitamin Active Serum fosters cell regeneration and provides the skin with important vitamins. Ideal for over-stressed situations. The skin appears radiant and livelier.


Vitamin Soother
The intensive moisturizing tonic provides your skin with an extra portion of enlivening vitamins. As a calming soother after sun exposure, the tonic has a comforting cooling effect. In wintertime, Vitamin Soother prevents the dehydration of the skin from heated air. Vitamin Soother gives your skin an immediately noticeable kick of freshness.


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