Innovative new products

In the NEOVITA COSMETICS laboratories, new products on the basis of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept are constantly being developed, to offer customers worldwide, treatments at the newest stand of research to provide the best healthy skin-care possible. Furthermore, in-market products are constantly being further developed and optimized by newest standards. You will find a short introduction of the newest products on the market here.


Cell Vitality3

With Cell Vitality³, NEOVITA COSMETICS presents an innovative skin-care series for everyone with a modern job and lifestyle and with days that are “longer than 24 hours”. Cell Vitality³ offers effective protection and regeneration against a new phenomenon or our times – “Digital Aging” - caused by intensive Smartphone usage and long working hours in front of a monitor.

Cell Vitality Produkte

Cell Vitality restores a healthy bio-rhythm in circumstances of irregular active - and rest phases, pleasantly revitalizes the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. Cell Vitality³ is a series for everyone wanting a little “more”!

The innovative Ingredient-System Cell Vitality3 is the exponentiated response to the demands of a modern lifestyle place on the skin: Read more!


Suncare Produkte 2

Sun Care Solutions

After Sun Over-Night Relief
After Sun Over-Night Relief supports the skin’s own repair mechanisms. Highly concentrated Aloe Vera fills the moisture depots of the skin long-lastingly, Sea Buckthorn extracts stimulate the repair of changes caused by light, Liquirecin and Provitamin B5 pleasantly calm skin stressed by UV rays

After Sun Body Mousse
The rich, smooth After Sun Body Mousse has soothing properties with Panthenol and Liquirecin and supports the skin’s own repair mechanism with Sea Buckthorn after exposure to the sun. The moisture depots of the skin are filled long-lastingly with highly concentrated Aloe Vera and NMF’s. Apricot kernel oil leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth


NEOVITA Inside & OUT - innovative skincare from the inside and out!

NEOVITA Inside & Out is the newest innovation from the research and development laboratories of NEOVITA COSMETICS. It combines the effects of NutriCosmetics as a delicious juice from the inside with a luxurious skin-care serum with optimally coordinated care effects from the outside and is therefore a new, holistic concept for the beauty of the whole body.

Inside OUT

Clinical studies have shown that the effects of skin-care products in combination with perfectly coordinated NutriCosmetics from the inside can be significantly increased.

Essential factors for the natural beauty and softness of the skin are elasticity and smoothness. An important role for this is the Ceramide content in the skin.

With NEOVITA Inside & Out a holistic concept has been developed that helps to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and to noticeably reduce lines and wrinkles. Not only in the face but on the whole body.

NEOVITA Inside & Out offers an innovative holistic system for perfect skin – care guaranteed salutogenic and without any preservatives and fillers!


NEOVITA Professional HairCare

Haircare Gruppe

NEOVITA haircare is a health-conscious hair care series created with 50 years of experience in the development of salon hair care for hairdressers. The series consistently follows the NEOVITA philosophy of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept.

The unique Mousse Carrier System ensures that the products are easily spread into the hair, enabling them to rapidly unfold their caring effects.

The innovative active ingredient system of NEOVITA haircare products combines especially caring cation-active substances with nature’s secrets from Argan Oil and Mongongo Oil.


The Neosonic Beauty System - Cutting Edge Technology

Beauty comes from within. Therefore the leading-in of beauty active ingredients is the main objective to obtain the best possible treatment results. This goal is optimally achieved with the NEOSONIC Beauty System.

Neosonic Geraet

The innovative device technology “Made in Germany” offers 3fold advantages:

  • Gentle but intensive peeling without harming the skin. The skin is noticeably smoother and feels softer.

  • Moisturization of the skin and the leading-in of the innovative ingredient systems. The skin-polstering effect is noticed immediately.

  • Increase of the muscle tone by micro massage occurring during the leading-in of the ingredient systems.


Couperose Series

Pure Natural Care is based on renewable plant ingredients and does not contain animal ingredients. The products are manufactured in a gentle way without excessive heating of the ingredients. Natural full herbal extracts are provided for sustainable and long lasting skin care. Pure Natural Care encourages the skin’s own regeneration processes, strengthens the protection barriers and protects the skin from damaging influences.



Anti-Redness Mask
This intensive moisturizing and cooling gel-mask helps to reduce skin’s redness and protects and tones the blood vessels. Since the mask is unscented, it is the perfect option for particularly sensitive skin.


Anti Pollution Mousse
NEOVITA Anti Pollution Mousse contains the NEOVITA Ingredient-System Pharao’s Secret. The especially innovative and effective Anti-Stress Ingredient-System acts against several environmental influences. Anti Pollution Mousse uses the synergy of Pommegranate extract and the unique Pharao’s Wheat. The ancient Pharao’s wheat passed on by the Egyptians has a proven, especially effective against negative environmental influences, strengthens the cells-own defenses, improves the supply of energy to the skin cells and prevents pre-mature aging of the skin (pre-aging effect).