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Innovative new products

In the NEOVITA COSMETICS laboratories, new products on the basis of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept are constantly being developed, to offer customers worldwide, treatments at the newest stand of research to provide the best healthy skin-care possible. Furthermore, in-market products are constantly being further developed and optimized by newest standards. You will find a short introduction of the newest products on the market here.


Hyaluron Softener

... is an exceptional skin refiner. It complements the NEOVITA Hyaluron range perfectly!

Based on an innovative combination of high-quality, low-molecular hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA, the luxurious care lotion with a softening effect improves the moisture level of your skin in the shortest possible time, gives the skin a youthful, soft and smooth feel, strengthens the skin's barrier function and is the ideal precursor for all subsequent treatments care products.


Propanediol and ribose are active both as moisturizers and as efficient enhancers. Soybean oil in combination with ribose smoothes and strengthens the skin structures.

Hyaluron Softener gives every skin suppleness, a silky-soft skin feeling and enhances the effect of all subsequent HerbaCeuticals.

... to the products!


Mineral Make-up light beige

With the NEOVITA mineral make-up, an intensively covering make-up with long-lasting effect was developed according to the salutogenic beauty concept. The make-up feels extremely light on the skin and the skin can "breathe".

The exclusively mineral color pigments ensure excellent coverage and make redness, impurities and unevenness of the complexion disappear without making the face appear like a mask. Gentle light-refracting elements let the complexion shine with even elegance. The formula, enriched with natural moisturizing factors, makes the skin appear silky smooth.

The pleasantly gentle and invigorating scent of water lilies ensures well-being as soon as you apply it.

The airy, delicate Mineral Make-up Light Beige is new. It is pleasantly easy to distribute. Redness and bumps are skilfully concealed without making the complexion look like a mask. The skin is sustainably moisturized and appears silky soft.

All shades of Mineral Make-up can be optimally mixed or blended with each other. Use light nuances for all areas that you want to “shine” and dark nuances for areas that should be receded to give expression to the face to be made up.


With all mineral makeup you can work with the "layering" method, using either makeup sponges or brushes or your hands. Contouring make-up's are expressive and very expressive and therefore perfectly suited for evening, party, stage or theme make-up's.

With a bridal make-up, on the other hand, it depends very much on the type of your customer whether you want to use this method. Is your customer extroverted and passionate about wearing make-up? Then skilful contouring sets the special highlight. If the bride wants a rather delicate, graceful make-up, you should rather play with subtle but fresh shades of blush, eye shadow and lipstick and avoid heavy contouring.

...to the products!


XMen Skin Care

With XMen Skin Care, NEOVITA presents you with a smart, fresh care line for men that leaves nothing to be desired!

XMen Skin Care pursues a product philosophy that is as effective as it is uncomplicated. All care products for men were developed according to the Salutogenic Beauty Concept as system care, can be combined with all other NEOVITA HerbaCeutical depending on the individual skin needs and naturally have a synergistic effect.


The active ingredient system POWERBOOST X, which is adapted to the special requirements of men's skin, together with other top-class ingredients, stands for a sophisticated and efficient care line.

With XMen Skin Care, your skin appears vital, powerful, self-confident and well-groomed. It is actively protected against "digital aging" and premature skin aging and effectively strengthened in the fight against existing signs of aging and in its resistance.

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Hyaluron is a modern and uncomplicated skin care series for the perfect supply of moisture to the skin and for optimizing and stabilizing the moisture level.

The moisture depots are effectively replenished, the moisture-binding capacity is optimally strengthened and the formation of the skin's own moisturizing factors is sustainably promoted.

With hyaluronic acid, the moisture level of our skin can be balanced and maintained. It is healthy, resilient, silky soft and shines with that certain "glow".


Bio-technology for the benefit of healthy skin
NEOVITA combines the carefully selected, particularly well-tolerated natural basic raw materials with state-of-the-art high-class active ingredients to create the innovative NEOVITA active ingredient systems.

The NEOVITA research laboratories are in intensive exchange with the leading suppliers of active ingredients worldwide. All high-class active ingredients, which often come from the latest biotechnology research and whose outstanding effect has been scientifically proven in real application tests, are again subjected to an intensive safety assessment at NEOVITA.

Of course, only active ingredients are used that are completely free of any preservatives and comply with the NEOVITA Salutogenic Beauty Concept.

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