News and Novelties

Here you will find the introductions to the new seasonal treatments, the presentation of campaigns, the awards NEOVITA was presented with, as well as other exciting news!

NEOSONIC Beauty System - Cutting Edge Technology

Beauty comes from within. Therefore the leading-in of beauty active ingredients is the main objective to obtain the best possible treatment results. This goal is optimally achieved with the NEOSONIC Beauty System.

Neosonic Geraet

The innovative device technology “Made in Germany” offers 3fold advantages:

  • Gentle but intensive peeling without harming the skin. The skin is noticeably smoother and feels softer.

  • Moisturization of the skin and the leading-in of the innovative ingredient systems. The skin-polstering effect is noticed immediately.

  • Increase of the muscle tone by micro massage occurring during the leading-in of the ingredient systems.

Tangerine & Walnut - the effektive Fall and Winter-Treatment 2016


The intensive skin-caring treatment system combines the calming and moisturizing properties of the rich vitamins of the Tangerine and the protecting and skin caring properties of the Walnut to an intensive and effective seasonal treatment. Valuable Walnut Oil in bio-quality with its balanced content of unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and aminic acids has a positive influence on the skin structure. The rich lipids penetrate deeply into the skin leaving it noticeably silky and smooth.

The skin is protected long-lastingly against wind and cold weather, while its immune system is strengthened.

Even in the cold season, the skin remains smooth and soft, with a glow from within.

Winterspirits - intensive care for the cold season


With the combination of Winter Face Protection and Perfect Lipcare De Luxe NEOVITA offers the optimal match for the seasonal demands of the skin in an attractive set.

Rich lipids protect the skin against moisture loss. The intensive care strengthens the protective function of the skin and increases its resistance. Winter Face Protection provides gentle skin care, smoothes the skin long-lastingly and leaves the skin feeling silky-soft.

Perfect Lipcare De Luxe is effective lipcare also for sensitive skin. It supplies the skin with moisture, offers protection against dry lips, leaving them soft and sensuous.

Anti Jet-lag Mousse


NEOVITA Anti Jetlag Mousse is an especially effective and gentle product for fatigued and stressed skin after long traveling periods. It improves the skin’s vitality and supports quick skin-regeneration. The natural bio-rhythm of the skin is rapidly normalized after long trips due to unique active ingredients of the Cell-Vitality-Complex in combination with caffeine and ATP. Enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved vacation with NEOVITA’s Anti-Jetlag Mousse without the annoying Jetlag symptoms of the skin. As all NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals™ products, this product also follows the NEOVITA Salutogenic Beauty Concept.

This unique mousse is easily and gently spread on the skin, gives intensive care and is absorbed quickly. The exclusive mousse-formulas of NEOVITA are an optimal carrier for deep, intensive skin care as they penetrate into the skin better than conventional creams to develop their fullest effect there. The high-grade aerosol containers are free of any direct or indirect preservatives guaranteeing excellent skin-compatibility.

Young Impure SkinYoung-Impure-Skin

Synergistic acting combination of high grade natural Babassu Oil and the NEOVITA Active Ingredient System Sebo Regulative, which is highly effective against the five main causes of impure skin. Clinical studies show that excessive sebaceous production and Propioni Acnes bacteria are finely balanced, skin irritations caused by free fatty acids and the destruction of elastin and collagen are prevented. Free radicals are dealt with efficiently. The active ingredient system containing natural Ceylon Cinnamon Tree extracts helps to achieve a clearer, non oily complexion free of impurities.

AHA Exfoliating Mousse

AHA-Exfoliating-MaskEspecially mild peeling mousse with fruit acid and with the patented Time-Release-Technology against wrinkles and pigment spots for regular daily use. Optimally suited to clear skin from deep-within and regulates excessive sebaceous production. The Time-Release-Technology ensures that the fruit acid is slowly supplied to the skin which avoids skin irritations. The skin compatibility has been proven in clinical studies even for sensitive skin. This highly concentrated special product promotes collagen synthesis and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Deposits in the skin are removed.

Couperose-LotionCouperose Lotion

Pleasant moisturizing mousse for 24 hour skin care against red-dened skin due to Couperose. Free of any fragrancies. The innovative active ingredient system „Anti-Couperose“ combines extremely effective plant extracts with the protective Vitamins A and E and with high grade Argan Oil. The natural active ingredient system has skin calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Extracts of Box Holly, Horse-Chestnut, Tiger Grass and Red Grape Leaf are known for their efficacy against inflammatory skin. Vitamins A and E help to fight against free radicals.