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NEOWHITE - Whitening Series

The desire for an even skin tone is nearly as old as humanity. Especially in Asia,  “porcelain skin” is seen as the epitome of classical beauty. More recently, whitening products are becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well.

With the ingredient system NEOWHITE, an effective and visible skin brightening can be achieved with regular use. For this purpose, the product relies not on a suppression of tyrosinase but directly makes sure that less melanin is released. Convincing, visible study results could be achieved with this new working model in clinical studies on volunteers.

Especially the high content of natural extracts from Olive Leaves and Olives in combination with Vitamin C provide the unusual result. Thereby NEOWHITE works not only to brighten the skin evenly but also especially well on pigment spots.

In addition to the skin-brightening effect, the skin is also effectively protected against oxidative stress. Thus the premature aging process of the cells is effectively combated.



Neowhite Lotion
The ideal product as a day care for face, neck, decolleté and hands. The mild mousse is easy to apply and absorbs very fast. NEOWHITE Lotion leaves a bright comfortable skin feeling and protects the skin from UV-caused oxidative stress. The high-quality formulation provides for an intensive moisturization of the skin and a comfortable skin feeling.


Neowhite Serum
The intensive serum provides for an uniform complexion. When used regularly, the synergistic effects of the highly dosed active ingredients provides for a reduction of pigment moles. When applied to a large area, a noticable whitening effect of the overall skin appearance can be achieved. The skin shines brightly.


Neowhite Mask
Suited as a rich night care to strengthen the skin brightening effects of the day care NEOWHITE Lotion. The high concentration of active ingredients of NEOWHITE Mask combined with the rich caring natural oils provide for an intensive repair effect of the skin and support the whitening effect of the day care. NEOWHITE Mask combines skin regeneration and whitening effect. It helps to eliminate oxidative stressof the skin which is caused during the day by UV-radiation. NEOWHITE Mask reduces the production of melanin during the night. In the morning, the skin looks radiantingly fresh and appears fabulously smooth.

Used on top of NEOWHITE Serum, NEOWHITE Mask provides an intensive boost of the whitening effect.


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