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Gentle Natural Cleansing

Intensive, but extremely mild cleansing is the basis for every effective treatment. Without intensive purification, active ingredients cannot be or can only partially be absorbed by the skin. NEOVITA Gentle Natural Cleansing contains organic Aloe Vera as an intensive moisturizer and prepares the skin optimally for the treatment products.



Aloe Cleansing Foam
Unusually soft, creamy and easily dispensable mousse for exceptionally soft, perfect cleansing. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin already during the cleansing process.


Sensitive De Make-up
Easily removes strong make-up, and is suited ideally for the removal of make-up from the area around the eyes. Eye make-up is removed, without irritating the sensitive area around the eyes. During the cleansing the skin will be eased and refreshed. It will look soft, flexible and radiantly beautiful.


Soothing Aloe Tonic
The easing face tonic finalizes perfect cleansing and bestows a feeling of freshness. It prepares the skin optimally for the care treatment to follow. Soothing Aloe Tonic is alcohol-free and well suited for sensitive skin. The moisturizing capability of the skin is normalized and stabilized; signs of irritated skin and redness disappear. The skin becomes smooth and fresh.


Enzyme Peel Set
With this practical box-set NEOVITA provides an especially mild thus sustainable deep cleansing for a smooth and even complexion.

  • Enzyme Peel: Enzymes from the Papaya fruit gently free the skin of sebum and dead skin cells and provide a far better absorption of skin care products. Cell renewal is stimulated and the pores become significantly refined. Feel how the skin is smoothened and the pores refined.
  • Calendula Skin Toner: The Enzyme Peeling process is finalized by NEOVITA Calendula Skin Toner containing natural plant proteins. Cleansing the skin gently, Calendula Skin Toner is free of alcohol and provides a feeling of wellbeing and soothing freshness even to sensitive skin. It refines the pores and leaves the complexion appearing smooth and even.


Grape Seed Peeling Set
With NEOVITA Grape Seed Peeling Set you can individually choose the intensity of the peeling. The combination of grape seed extract and finest sucrose combined with the extraordinary properties of the Grape Seed Peeling Mousse with rich grape seed oil provides intensive skin cleansing and pampers the skin with gentle care.

  • Grape Seed Peeling Mousse is a caring base mousse and is mixed with the high-quality Grape Seed Peeling Parts. During the intensive skin cleansing process, it also cares for the skin through the exquisite combination of skin pampering oils such as grape seed, rape seed and soybean oil. Natural moisturizing factors support the extraordinary properties of the oils used.

    The unique NEOVITA Mousse formulas are an optimal carrier for deep skin-care. Better than conventional creams, they can penetrate into the skin to develope their fullest effects. The high-quality aerosol containers are absolutely free of direct or indirect preservatives, guaranteeing excellent skin compatibility.

  • Grape Seed Peeling Parts is a fine peeling powder - based on 100% natural ingredients and absolutely free of microplastics. Extracts of finely ground grape seeds are optimally supported in their peeling effect by the moisturizing properties of natural sucrose.

    The Grape Seed Peeling Parts are combined with the Grape Seed Peeling Mousse to create a mechanical peeling with individually adjustable intensity for intensive skin cleansing.


Purifying Mask
Excess sebum build-up is absorbed, while blemishes and impurities disappear when regularly applied. Purifying Mask provides a fresh, clean complexion; skin appears refreshed, soft and glowing.


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