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Intensive Serums / Concentrates

NEOVITA Intensive serums offer your skin quick help as extra-portion care or as support for the self-regeneration of the skin under stress conditions. Use the high-dose immediate helpers, and your your skin looks glowingly beautiful again in a short time.



Serum HY
High-dose Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin quickly store moisture. Transepidermal water loss is reduced and an optimal, thoroughly moisturized skin is the result. Serum HY takes the fear out of fine lines.

Application: Apply Serum HY mornings and evenings on the cleansed skin under the skin care. Serum HY is highly concentrated and is thus to be used sparingly. Work into the skin intensively with Aloe Cooling Spray. Apply the usual day-care over it.


Serum MR
Intensive, expression line-reducing anti-aging care concentrate with extended effect. Works against expression lines with high doses of natural Hibiscus Extract and against the biological signs of skin aging. The line-reducing effect, similar to that of Botulinum Toxin (Botox), is reversible; that is, the effect diminishes around 24h after the last use. Visible wrinkle reduction through natural ingredients like phytohormones, polyphenols and high-quality plant oils.

Application: Suitable for every skin type. Place drop-wise in the wrinkles and apply to the area around the wrinkles. Work in well but with gentle motions and but do not displace the skin.



Serum NA
The synergy of the especially rich ingredient oils of the Evening Primrose with the unique Argan Oil offers an immediate aid for flaky, inflamed and raw skin. The essential fatty acids help the skin’s protective mantle to regenerate.

Application: Immediately after cleansing, either apply Serum NA directly to the skin or take it out drop-wise and mix it with your day or night care and apply together.


Serum B5
Ideally suited for raw skin, healed trouble spots and scars. The Provitamin B5 it contains soothes the skin and locks in moisture. Allantoin makes the skin smooth, even and soft.

Application: Apply Serum B5 on the well-cleansed skin area and massage it in lightly. To support the effect, work into the skin with Aloe Cooling Spray.


Serum CR
Immediate help for skin inclined to redness. Supports with rosacea and couperose. Combination of the anti-couperose ingredient system with skin-calming glycyrrhetic acid.

Application: Apply mornings and evenings to the cleansed skin.


Serum AS
Sulfonated Shale Oil is one of the best-documented ingredients and comes from sulfur-rich sedimentary rock. It is of the highest purity and is suited for application to impure skin as well as dandruff-plagued and itchy scalps.

Application: Apply mornings and evenings to the cleansed skin. If necessary, the serum can also be applied drop-wise several times a day.


Serum PR
Intensive Serum PR refines visable pores for an even, matte complexion.

Application: Do not shake! Apply pea sized volume mornings and evenings to the cleansed skin. Visible effects after 28 days.


Serum SR
NEOVITA Serum SR ensures fast relief for redness and irritations and helps protect and care for sensitive skin against physical and chemical influences on long term. The natural active innovative SOS Ingredient System by NEOVITA was developed to calm the skin and regenerate the skin barrier.

Application: Apply pea sized volume mornings and evenings to the cleansed skin. If necessary, the serum can also be applied drop-wise several times a day.



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