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NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals

NEOVITA’s answer to the request for natural cosmetics is convincing and with conviction NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals.

The power of plants (Herba) is synnergistically combined with the efficiacy of a system of active ingredients (Ceuticals) to enhance the beautifying results. Unlike others, all NEOVITA products fill these high standards of the internal research laboratories.

All herbal extracts are produced as carefully and complete as possible in a multi-stage process, while respecting the strict „Guten Herstellungsmethoden” (GMP) – “Good Manufacturing Practices”. In the selection of plants, NEOVITA chooses only the highest possible quality, and whenever possible, from controlled biological cultivation.

The high-quality herbal extracts are most carefully combined with high-tech active ingredients, their effectiveness and optimal compatibility being repeatedly proven in scientific testes, to the innovative ingredient systems of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals.

The NEOVITA Mousse-Carrier-Technology ensures high efficiency. The ingredient systems in the micro foam-beads of the gentle mousse are distributed evenly. This ensures that the ingredient systems are released to the skin and the formulations can achieve their effectiveness especially fast.

The absolute absence of preservatives of any kind promotes health conscious products with outstanding skin compatibility. NEOVITA consequently refrains from using fillers such as artificial color, peg emulsifiers and preservatives. Naturally, neither mineral oils nor silicon oils are used.


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